DBS Servers and Database

Product Description



DBS Database is purpose built to store all drill and blast related data for 'life of the mine'. Server application performs all insert, edit and delete operations on the Database, controlling all data management for the DBS system.

Database stores blast mine relative look up lists, blasthole related data, history data, and production data including explosive consumables. It also stores information related to drilling consumables and magazine management.

Server provides the connection between the Database and DBS Clients (Manager and Designer). Server functions as a data collection and marshaling point, while minimizing network traffic by packaging and compressing data being passed to and from Clients.

DBS Database runs on Microsoft SQL Server (version 2000 or later). It can be remote supported by Datavis or by local IT personnel.

DBS provides update snapshots and the tools necessary to maintain the Database.

DBS Database is designed to hold all data relevant to a single site, usually a mine site or lease. Multiple sites can be supported using multiple DBS Databases on a shared server.




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