DBS Field Logger Software - Dipper and Charger       

Product Description



The drill and blast process includes two key tasks of dipping and charging. Both tasks include the collection of data usually stored on paper. Field loggers offer the efficiency of entering data electronically, together with the ability to provide the user with more information or assistance while in the field.

DBS field loggers are map or GIS based with an adjustable and scalable picture of the blast. They are GPS enabled and the Charger has the ability to carry the charging rules to be used for the blast.

Field data loggers can interact with DBS real time, collecting and updating drill and blast data directly back to the Database or in batch mode if "wireless to the pit" is not available.

Shotfirers can use loggers to input dipping and charging information directly back into DBS. Loggers can be used in a batch mode if a suitable communication network is not available.

Remove the need for multiple data entry by collecting data directly on field loggers as the measurements are taken.



Dipper updates specified blasthole parameters, usually hole depth, water content and the state of the blasthole. Operators can select a blasthole from the pattern map and by using the customizable side bar, update the current information.

Once a blasthole is flagged as dipped, the map is updated to reflect the new status.


Charger updates both blasthole data and charging information. Along with capturing the dip data as above, Charger can capture explosive type and quantity, initiating explosive and primers used.

Blastholes and each of the holes decks are flagged on completion with the map updated to reflect which blastholes are loaded.



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